Herrelandsholdet – Cali 2015

Herrelandsholdet – udtaget til Cali 2015

Træneren for herrerne er Niels Feerup.

Her er det danske herrehold

Goal and left offensive

Joern Christoffersen – Flipper Copenhagen
Joern Hansen – Politiet Copenhagen
Tim Jensen – Flipper Copenhagen
Lau Schoedts – Tudserne Odense


Mikkel Rasmussen – Flipper Copenhagen
Andreas Wielandt – Aquaquick Aarhus
Bastian Davidsen – Flipper Copenhagen
Soeren Nielsen – Flipper Copenhagen
Michael Kragh_ Flipper Copenhagen


Jonas Funch Poulsen – Amager Copenhagen
Kristian Schaefer – Flipper Copenhagen
Lars Vikstroem Greve – Tudserne Odense
David Ladegaard – Tudserne Odense

Right offensive

Thor Funk – Flipper Copenhagen
Simon Schaefer – Flipper Copenhagen


Niels Feerup – Denmark
“I’m proud to be with you guys”


Name: Kristian Schäfer
Date of birth: 24-10-1989
Height: 1.91cm
Weight: 100kg
Championships: EC 2010, WC 2011, NC 2011, 2014
       kristian Kristian Schäfer is a creative virtuoso and constant threat to opponents with his dynamic forward play. Armed with speed, vision, unique ball wizardry and an uncontainable zest for the game. His ceaseless trickery and joy are a constant source
of frustration to his opponents. However Kristian’s game is about more than flash and creativity, the Danish international relish to
utilize his towering frame to destroy and intercept the opponent’s game.
Name: Thor Funk Jeppesen
Date of birth: 01-06-1987
Height: 1.78cm
Weight: 84kg
Championships: NC 2014
thor Thor Funk Jeppesen has established himself as one of Denmark’s most potent attacking weapons since his debut in 2014.Denmark’s no. 4, Thor Funk Jeppesen, is an aggressive, accomplished forward with considerably sized shoulders and a tough-tackling style.
The highly rated forward is with his vigorous style and immense body strength a feared opponent. The gladiatorial Thor is a fiercely
committed and courageous player who has proved himself at the very highest echelons of the game.
Name: Simon Schäfer
Date of birth: 12-12-1980
Height: 1.88
Weight: 92kg
Championships: EC 2005, WC 2003,2007,2011 NC 2006, 2008



The ultimate goalscorer, Simon Schäfer’s scoring exploits have safeguarded his place in Danish underwater rugby folklore and the
tag as one of the finest goal scorers Denmark has ever produced.
A youth product of Nakskov’s golden generation where he was introduced to underwater rugby from the age of 6. Gifted with a rare and
special underwater rugby talent, pinpoint accurate with his passing, the ability to score from impossible angles and unwavering desire
to succeed- a beautiful player to watch, who has exhausted all superlatives during his time for club and country.
Name: Lars Greve
Date of birth: 16-05-1983
Height: 1.86cm
Weight: 98kg
Championships: EC 2010, WC 2011, NC NM 2011 2014,
lars_greve Armed with pace, strength
and special gift to exceed his own limits
– “The Duke”
is a tireless worker who always offer 100 percent.Understated and often underrated, The Duke is blessed with pace to burn and an eye for long and short ranking passes. With his calming
influence and eye for masterful interceptions has he matured into one of Denmark’s most sophisticated and classy players. A driving force
and major influence who possesses great creativity and controlled aggression in the tackle and a rampaging style under the basket.
Name: David Ladegaard
Date of birth: 27-04-1994
Height: 1.97cm
Weight: 108kg
Championships: Debutant
david_ladegaard An exciting and young talent who is packed with raw and reckless strength. The former U-21 topscorer is perhaps one of the youngest in the squad, but he posses an impressive physique. Swatting defensives
adversaries aside and clearing any obstacles that com his way – David will become a key component when Denmark needs to hulk up the
physical presence in both offense and defence.
Name: Lau Schødts
Date of birth: 7-07-1990
Height: 1.92cm
Weight: 107kg



Lau is a complete player armed with boundless stamina and a truly ferocious drive towards the opponent’s goal. Denmark’s most capped U-21 player – where he made his first bow at the age of 15. Do not let the youthful face fool you, he is tough as
teak and with a extraordinary ability on the goal, Lau is fully committed to the game and his powerful and energetic offensive displays has
safeguarded him a place as one fourth of an effective quartet on the goal for his country.
Name: Jonas Funch
Date of birth: 14-05-89
Height: 1.88
Weight: 90kg
Championships: EC 2010, WC 2011, NC 2010, 2014



Funch has developed a reputation as a solid and reliable presence on the offense frontline with his tireless work ethic.The Denmark international provides dependable service protecting his backline with a never ending fore-checking. A ice-cool calm presence
who quickly rose to prominence with his remarkable ability to “eat himself” and endure long piercing strides under water in both offense
and defense.
Name: Jørn Hansen
Date of birth:



One of the all-time Danish greats, Jørn Hansen was as a part of the Danish WC 1995 silver winning squad in Colombia. The Nakskov born Jørn Hansen has enjoyed an illustrious career for both club and country where consistent and committed performances
have become customary. His sterling performance level and drive has never changed and Jørn has successfully transformed his vast
experience into a powerful battle-hardened confident playing style.
Name: Andreas Wielandt
Date of birth: 6-12-1994
Height: 200cm
Weight: 96kg
Championships: Debutant



Andreas exudes class, intelligence and panache – and not just with the ball at his hands, but off the pool as well.
Packed with sizzling pace and an everlasting breath hold, Andreas joined the WC squad with a reputation as one of the most exciting prospects in Danish underwater rugby. The former U-21 captain is the epitome of the modern underwater rugby player – combining attacking ambition with impressive defensive strength calmness and flamboyant swagger.
Name: Jørn Christoffersen
Date of birth: 14-09-1977
Height: 182cm
Weight: 85kg
Championships: EC;2001, WC 2003, 2007 NC; 2000,2001, 2002,2003,2003,2004,2006



Jørn Christoffersen is a supreme motivational force who is blessed with a seemingly endless supply of stamina.
A youth product of Nakskov from their golden generation where he where introduced to underwater rugby from a young age.
One of Europes finest goalkeepers, who has excelled throughout his career. A consistent performer and goal-getter which has secured him the
position as Denmark’s most decorated player with 13 national championships and a unique goal-scoring technique.
Name: Tim Jensen
Date of birth: 13-06 -1984
Height: 185cm
Weight: 83kg
Championships: Debutant



Tim Jensen is a versatile defender with blistering pace and a remarkable winner attitude.
Tim quickly rose to prominence and it merely became a matter of time before he made his top-flight international bow. Always offering 100
per cent in the pool and can not stand losing, a trait that have, from time to time, had landed him in the penalty box, but everybody
recognizes his immense passion, will to win and his obvious extraordinary pace. But the defenders ability to adapt is an attribute often
overlooked and the agile defender is often utilized on both the goal and the defense.
Name: Mikkel Rasmussen
Date of birth: 28-03-1984
Height: 1.86cm
Weight: 101kg
Championships: WC 2007, 2011VM NM 2008 (4. Plads) VM 2011 ( 5. plads) NM 2014 (4. Plads)



With the statue and swagger of a bear
Mikkel Rasmussen has epitomized the spirit and winning attitude that Denmark stands for.

Few sportsmen lead from the front in the way Mikkel does, on and off the pool. The rock hard Mikkel is the defensive bedrock of the team
and his contribution is a major factor if Denmark aims for the perk of underwater rugby glory. Combines brute force with creative passes,
which makes him an ever-dangerous presence in the offense. Never afraid of speaking his mind if he feels his players do not reach the high
standards he expects.
Name: Michael Kragh
Date of birth: 30-04-1972
Height: 1.80cm
Weight: 102kg
Championships: EC 2005 WC 1999,2003



Michael Kragh’s experience and exquisite style make him a cornerstone in Denmarks tight defense and one of his country all-time
greatest defenders.
Armed with astute reading of the game, always making the right decisions, Michael Kragh is a lynchpin of Denmark’s squad. He is a
world-class defender who makes it a point of honor to prevent opponents from scoring goals, and he’s not at all shy about scoring valuable
goals himself, primarily with his devastating right side attacks.
Name: Søren Nielsen
Date of birth: 10-05-1979
Height: 1.89cm
Weight: 100 kg
Championships: Debutant



Søren Nielsen. A pacy defender gifted with excellent offensive abilities.

Søren Nielsen is a tall and agile defender who combines uncompromising physical approach with the ability to bring out the ball in splintering fast breaks. His great pace, power and rock-like presence makes him a key component in the in the competitive Danish backline.

Name: Bastian Davidsen
Date of birth: 10-04-1984
Height: 186
Weight: 108kg
Championships: Debutant



Bastian Davidsen combines pace, power and intelligence and has all the necessary attributes for a world-class defender.

A bustling defender who relish’s to bring a physical presence to the Danish offense, which earned him the nickname “Rhino”. An old-fashioned defender who offers so much toughness in the back and frontline that he is rarely omitted. If Bastian is allowed to charge into the opponent’s backline, will they soon known why he earned his nickname.